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About That Marble Wall I Painted... (Behind The Scenes!)

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

(No, that's not wallpaper!)

A few years ago a client booked a consultation on her wine room. To get an idea of the space, think of her wine room like a traditional dining room off the kitchen turned indoor “she-shed”. More specifically, she enlisted me for the following three a-la-carte interior design services:

  1. Palette, Paint, and ‘Paper Consultation

  2. Design & DIY Consultation

  3. Custom Accent Wall (eventually)

After we nailed down her colorfully glam color palette (navy blue, cream, with blush pink and with gold accents), layout and styling choices, she moved on to make her own furniture and decor selections including making DIY wine shelves using wood crates!

Even as all the beautiful new furniture and fixtures arrived, this “boring” white wall continued to plague her! We settled on making it an accent wall and she said she wanted it to have a marbled pattern. Initially, we researched a ton of different wallpapers and none were quite what she wanted. Eventually, she said: “Hey, you’re artsy right? Do you think you could just paint it?” I immediately answered "YES"! I’m an artist, this is what I DO!!

We decided to pull together the entire color palette on the wall, and I considered and researched a number of different methods to get it done. I finally chose to just free hand the design and go from there. Once I gathered all my supplies and we selected the paint colors, it was time to get to work!

Here's my "getting to work" face:

Full disclosure: This took forever to get right and when I say it took FOREVER please do not think I’m exaggerating. (Honestly, if you found this post while searching for tips on how to DIY your way through this without any prior artistic experience, my biggest tip is DON'T!) After laying the base colors and blending and blending and blending and adding more paint and blending for hours and hours and hours, I allowed the wall to dry overnight, then painted the white marbling detail and gold glitter onto the wall with watercolor brushes because I wanted complete control over every detail.

I found myself going over and over every section to get all the subtle variations in color you see in the final product. All those hours were worth it, though because it came out magnificent, if I do say so myself!

Did I mention that I was pregnant when I painted this wall? Yep, we women can do it all!

Head over to the portfolio entry to see more behind the scenes footage and photos!

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