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Book a Summer Movie Party starting at $99!

Have you seen the price of movies lately? Depending on your area, a full price movie ticket can range from $12 to $20 per person! If you have children, and they have a few friends (or a lot of cousins!) pretty soon you're talking about parents shelling out $100+ between you just in tickets and you may still have to squeeze into a crowded theater with your kiddos which can be a hassle by itself. Have you ever tried taking 3+ kids to the movies? IYKYK.

Or maybe you don't even have kids and up to 19 of your closest friends just want to kick it and watch the New Spider-Man.

Here's an idea: Rent the entire theater screen.

You heard me: RENT. THE. THEATER.

AMC Theatres is offering private theatre rentals in select locations starting at just $99 through August AND it includes ALL movies available at the specific location, including new movies like the Little Mermaid, Spider-Man and the new Transformers!

The deal isn't available at all locations and in some cities/theaters the lowest price available is sometimes higher than $99 so you may have to check around and be sure to read the fine print to get all the details.

I'll say this though: I'm in Philadelphia, one of the larger cities in the country, and I found numerous theaters participating.

I did a quick video on Instagram talking about this deal and it took off so I think AMC should be ready for the summer takeover! Make sure you follow our page while you're there! 💜


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