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Dîner En Blanc: A Beginner’s Guide

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

One thing to remember about doing Dîner En Blanc? It definitely takes some finesse:

Last year was my first year attending this beautiful all white event and it was absolute PERFECTION:

• The weather was absolutely gorgeous ☀️

• Our location was magnificent 🤌🏾

• And, the backdrop AT MY SEAT was the Fountain at Logan Circle. ⛲️

If you know Philly, you know there are few locations more “Instagram-worthy” in our city on a beautiful summer night than the Fountain. And the best part? Our group was full of beautiful, fun folks who I look forward to dining with again!

I mean -- just look at the material!

(I love this dress and it arrived literally two hours before we had to leave! Every single thing worked in my favor that day!)

Honestly, Dîner en Blanc was a huge highlight of summer 2022!

But, it's definitely not all roses and you might not have gotten all the background yet so here’s a quick rundown of why you'll need some FINESSE for your first Dîner En Blanc to turn out as perfectly as mine did:

1) You’re in all white.

2) You have to lug all your own stuff — your table, chairs, decor, and all your own food. Anything you need, you bring and anything not placed on your small little table will be stuffed behind your chair or under that small little table. (Pro-Tip: Pack light and click here to view my "Diner En Blanc" Amazon list for ideas!)

Remember: You’re dressed in all white. I actually wore a smock for this part to stay clean!💡

3) You show up to your secret meet up location in all white, with your wagon full of stuff (Yes, you will absolutely need a wagon) and that’s when you find out how far you have to walk (or be shuttled) to your ALSO SECRET picnic location.

4) And once you finally arrive at the official picnic location? Well, then you have maybe 20-30 minutes to set up your table and decor. It’s a mad dash and you need to be ready to MOVE and be done in time for your napkin wave.

For decor: I quickly put together a simple vase of colorful roses on-site and put waterproof lights in the vase because simple is the way to go, especially for first timers. (You can see the vase in the photo gallery above, second row: middle photo) This year, I’ll do my flower arrangement ahead of time or just buy a cute pre-made arrangement.

We will also be getting Chinese food takeout. We actually had way too much food last year -- smoked chicken wings, chicken salad and crackers, fresh bruschetta with tomatoes and basil from my garden -- ok, I'll do that last thing again because I love my garden -- but otherwise? I will not be cooking a single thing.

Listen to me when I tell you: Don’t over do it trying to bring a million things. Go simple. Take-out, hoagies, grab a charcuterie from Whole Foods, but whatever you do:


Yes. I'm know I'm an interior and event stylist, but Dîner En Blanc is not work so I'm committing to having fun and not going overboard. Maybe after a few more I'll get the bug to go BIG! Maybe.

The dates for summer 2023 have already went out and I absolutely cannot wait until August 10th for our Dîner En Blanc date in Philadelphia!

See you there and let’s pray for great weather again 🙏🏾 ✨

-- Adrienne

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