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Spring Green: Amazon Edition

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Please note: While all recommendations are my own, I am an Amazon affiliate and will receive commission for purchases made through my links.


So -- Yes, I am still obsessed with all things green and this week being the official start of my gardening season is only making it worse! My green thumb is now feeding my need for more green!

Anyway, it seems you all enjoyed the Spring Green collection, but I got a few private requests for more, shall we say, economical furniture options in the same hues. I aim to please, so right now I'm putting together an Amazon ONLY collection with green furniture and decor in more accessible prices with wider availability than my "to-the-trade only" providers.

I'm starting with this beauty right here:

First, how cute is this? And the price is absolutely stunning. This emerald green, velvet, modern tufted sofa is going for UNDER $250 on sale at Amazon right now -- after applying another coupon on the page! (And it's available in different colors!)

This sofa is an absolute STEAL and it's perfect for small living rooms and first apartments. Use as the base color with crisp whites, neutral patterns and live plants for a "relaxing oasis", almost spa-like aesthetic. Or mix in some darker wood hues, paint or decor touches for a more moody, masculine style.

The entire collection is now ready to shop, but this deal is special and needed its own post before it expires! 💚 <this deal has since expired, however -- check out the full collection, there are some truly beautiful pieces.>

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